GCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchboards Automotive

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Product Introduction

GCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

GCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear cabinet is an advanced low-voltage drawer-type switch cabinet. It combines the advantages of other low-voltage products and is suitable for a variety of industries and occasions. The following is a detailed introduction to the GCS cabinet:

Applicable occasions

GCS cabinets are widely used in power distribution systems of civil and industrial and mining enterprises such as power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy, telecommunications, light industry, textiles, and high-rise buildings. It is especially suitable for places with a high degree of automation that require computer interfaces, such as large power plants and petrochemical systems. In these occasions, the GCS cabinet serves as a low-voltage distribution device for centralized control of distribution motors and reactive power compensation in the power generation and power supply systems.

Technical features

The GCS cabinet is a drawer-type switch cabinet, which means that its design allows individual components or drawers to be easily pulled out for inspection or maintenance. This design makes the GCS cabinet highly flexible in terms of maintenance and upgrades.

Structural design

The main structure of the GCS cabinet is similar to that of the MNS, but the main busbar is placed at the rear, which is a significant feature of its structure. The cabinet depth is 800mm, and the original design has specific limits on the maximum current. This shows that the design of GCS cabinets focuses on practicality and economy, while also ensuring convenience and safety of operation.

Performance advantages

The design of the GCS cabinet incorporates the advantages of multiple low-voltage products, making it a new generation of drawer-type switch cabinet designed by Senyuan Company in the mid-1990s with reference to ABB's MNS cabinet type. This design philosophy ensures the superior performance of GCS cabinets and can meet the diverse needs of modern power systems.

To sum up, GCS cabinets play an important role in many industries due to their strong adaptability, reasonable structure and advanced technology. When selecting a GCS cabinet, users should determine the most appropriate model and configuration based on their specific needs and site conditions to ensure that the requirements of the power system are met.

Environmental Conditions

1 Altitude above sea level should not exceed 2000m;

2 The installation gradient should not exceed 5°;

3 Ambient air temperature:-5°℃~+40℃ and the average temperature should not exceed +35℃ in 24h;

4 At maximum temperature,relative humidity should not exceed 50%.Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures,eg.90%at+20℃.But  in view of the temperature  change,it  is  possible  that  moderate  condensation will be produced casually;

5 The installation gradient should not exceed 5°;

6 There  is  no  dust,corrosive  gases,or  rainwater  indoor.

Performance Parameters

GCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchboards Automotive

GCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchboards AutomotiveGCS Type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchboards Automotive


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