GGD Low-voltage Fixed Type Switchgear Board

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Product Introduction

GGD Low-voltage Fixed Type Switchgear

GGD power distribution cabinet is a low-voltage switch cabinet widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. The following is a detailed introduction to the GGD power distribution cabinet:

product description

Model meaning: GGD represents cabinet structure (G), fixed type (G) and low-voltage distribution cabinet (D). This type of distribution cabinet is fixedly wired and suitable for different power users.

Type distinction

It is divided into three types: GGD1, GGD2 and GGD3. The main difference lies in their different segmented current capabilities.

Development time

This type of power distribution cabinet was first developed and used in 1991.

Rated parameters

Its rated working voltage is 380V, its rated working current can reach 3150A, and it is suitable for AC 50-60Hz systems.

Conditions of Use

Applicable occasions: Suitable for power plants, substations, factories and mines, etc., for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment.

Structural features

Stability: It has good dynamic and thermal stability, which means that the performance can be maintained under long-term operation and high current conditions.

Design advantages

The structure is novel and reasonable, the electrical scheme meets actual needs, and the series is strong, making it easy for users to choose according to their needs.

Protection level

It has a high protection level and can prevent the intrusion of dust and water to a certain extent.

Other features

High segmentation capability:

Segments that can meet different current needs provide flexible power distribution solutions.

Installation and use:

During installation and use, relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines need to be followed to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the power distribution cabinet.

To sum up, GGD power distribution cabinet has become an indispensable power equipment in industrial and mining enterprises due to its stable performance, reasonable structure and high adaptability. When selecting, users should determine the most appropriate model and configuration based on their specific needs and site conditions.

Performance Parameters

GGD Low-voltage Fixed Type Switchgear Board

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