Diesel Generator Set

Silent Type Generatore Set Introduction of Silent Generator 

Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, good sealing, rain-proof, snow-proof and dust-proof, able to work in a harsh

environment, fully enclosed box, excellent safety, smooth ventilation inside, reliable and stable operating power of generator set; high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton is used in box, and sealing strip is used at door seam to effectively reduce different noise emitted from generator set; Efficient muffler is adopted to effectively reduce the noise of smoke exhaust outlet of generator set; easy operation. The design fully considers the convenience and safety of operators for generator set operation; four lifting devices are set at the bottom of the box to facilitate field transportation.

Compared to open type generator sets, the silent generator sets are more suitable to be widely used in metroplitan areas, like office buildings, labs, R&D institutions, governments, recreation centers, hospitals, banks, and households.