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Product Introduction

Armoured Removable AC Metal-enclosed Switch Automation Equipment is slso called KYN28 Switchgear.

KYN28 cabinet is a common high-voltage switch cabinet with multiple compartments and reliable interlocking functions. The following is a detailed introduction to the KYN28 cabinet.

Basic structure:

Shell and partitions: The shell is connected by high-strength threaded connectors, and the interior is divided into several separate compartments by metal partitions.

Small room design: including circuit breaker room, busbar room and cable room, etc. Each room has its specific functions and configurations.

Technical features:

Center-mounted vacuum circuit breaker: This design saves the lower space, which can be used for other configurations or reserved as spare space.

Various handcart configurations: Different handcarts can be configured as needed to adapt to different functional requirements.

Five-proof interlocking function: It has a safety interlocking function to prevent misuse and ensure the safety of operation.

Instructions for use:

System application: It is suitable for single busbar, single busbar segmented system or double busbar system. Various power distribution schemes can be formed through different arrangements and combinations.

Shell material and process: The frame is made of aluminum-zinc coated steel plate, which has been processed by CNC machining and electrostatic spraying to improve corrosion resistance and durability.

To sum up, the KYN28 cabinet plays an important role in high-voltage power systems due to its versatility, safety and reliability. Not only does it provide efficient power distribution and control, it also ensures operator safety through its sophisticated design. When selecting KYN28 cabinets, users should determine the most appropriate model and configuration based on their specific needs and site conditions to ensure that the requirements of the power system are met.


Use environmental conditions

1. The environmental temperature should be between -10°C and +40°C.

2. The relative humidity should not exceed 90% (25°C).

3. The equipment should be used in a dry and clean environment, free from corrosive gases and explosive dusts.

4. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters above sea level.

5. The equipment should be installed on a stable foundation to prevent vibration and shock.

6. The power supply voltage should be within the range specified by the manufacturer.

7. The equipment should not be exposed to direct sunlight or strong radiation.

8. The equipment should not be used in environments with frequent temperature changes, such as near heating or air conditioning systems.

9. The equipment should not be used in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference, such as near high-voltage power lines or radio transmitters.

10. The equipment should be protected from water and other liquids that could enter the enclosure and cause damage to the components inside.


HV Switchgear -kYN 28


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