HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

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Product Introduction

HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit power distribution cabinet is a high-voltage switch cabinet used to receive and distribute electric energy, especially suitable for occasions with frequent operations. The following is some detailed introduction about HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unitpower distribution cabinet:

Structural features:

Cabinet structure: The cabinet of XGN distribution cabinet is usually assembled by bending and welding steel plates, and has a high protection level.

Internal layout:

The upper part of the cabinet is the busbar room, and the instrument room is located in the front of the busbar room and separated by steel plates.

Protection function:

It has strict "five prevention" locking functions to ensure safe operation.


Frequent operation: Suitable for places that require frequent operations, such as receiving and distributing electric energy in power systems.

Automated power distribution: Suitable for power distribution automation occasions, convenient for remote control and monitoring.

Technical Parameters:

Voltage level: Commonly used are three-phase AC 50Hz systems of 12KV and below.

Busbar system: single busbar, single busbar with bypass and double busbar structures can be configured.

International Standard:

Comply with international standard IEC298.

To sum up, XGN power distribution cabinet is a switch cabinet suitable for high-voltage occasions. It has the characteristics of compact structure, frequent operation, safety and reliability, and is widely used in power systems. When selecting a suitable XGN power distribution cabinet, the model and configuration should be determined based on specific engineering needs and technical parameters.

Performance Parameters

HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

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