Special Box Transformer For New Energy

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This kind box transformer is also suitable for new energy (photovoltaic/wind)power generation.Transformer room,high and low voltage rooms are arranged in “rectangle”shape,and high voltage fuses and load switches are moved from the inside   of the transformer tank and placed in the high voltage room.The transformer adopts an external oil storage tank structure,  the oil level is clear at a glance,and it is more convenient to fill and drain oil.The capacity range can be expanded to 6300kVA,and the external transformer is more convenient for maintenance.The protection level of the fuel tank is IP68, and the protection level of the high and low voltage rooms is IP54,which can be used in various harsh environments.

Environmental Conditions

1   The altitude is below 4000m;

2 Ambient  temperature  -45℃~+45℃;

3  Pollution  level:Ⅲ

4   Relative  humidity:the  daily  average  humidity  is  not  more than  95%,and the  monthly  average  is  not  more than  90%;

Note:If  it  is  out  of  above  conditions,please  negotiate  with  the  manufacturer.

Implementation  Standards

GB   1094.1-2013:Power   transformers   Part   1:General

GB   1094.2-2013:Power  transformers  Part  2:Temperature  rise   GB   1094.3-2003:Power   transformers   -Part   3:Insulation   levels, insulation tests and air gaps for external  insulation

GB   1094.5-2008:Power  transformers  -Part  5:Ability  to  withstand  short circuits

GB/T   11022-2011:Common   technical   conditions   for   high-voltage switchgear  and  controls  standards

GB  7251.1-2013:Low  voltage   packages  and  controls  Part  1:General GB   50150-2006:Electric   device   installation   engineering   -Electrical equipment  handover  test  standard

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