Step Up Transformer & Voltage Regulator

Step Up Transformer 

Voltage Regulator

Step-up Transformer: This type of transformer is used to increase the voltage level of alternating current (AC). It is typically used in power plants or substations to transmit electricity into the grid at higher voltages. The advantage of this is that it can reduce energy loss during power transmission, because high voltage can reduce the current, thereby reducing the resistance loss of the line.

Voltage Regulator: A voltage regulator is a device used to maintain a stable output voltage regardless of changes in input voltage or load conditions. Its main function is to provide a constant, predetermined output voltage to ensure that connected devices can function properly. Voltage regulators are widely used in electronic equipment, computer systems, industrial control systems, etc. to prevent potential damage or performance degradation due to voltage fluctuations.

Step Up Transformer  & Voltage Regulator